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I absolutely LOVED doing this course. I talked about doing something like this for years and finally took the plunge. Louise is a brilliant tutor, and I met some great people too. Our graduation gig was the best buzz I’ve ever had (raving years included!) So whether you want to do something out of your comfort zone, want to be a stand up comedian or just want to learn how to be a much better public speaker, just do it!

Thank you Louise, it was epic. Charlie Fitzgerald October 2017

I’ve just finished Louise’s 8 week comedy course and graduation gig and I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Not only have I learned tonnes but I’m buzzing from my first ever standup. I’ve met some hilarious like-minded people and I’ve had a 2 month mood boost that would make a therapist envious. To anyone considering it I say give it a try, you have nothing to lose.  Sophie Fyles,  April 2018

I loved doing this course – and even performing at the end (nerves jangling but totally worth it)! Louise runs a great course with the sessions and there’s no risk of skiving off or not writing new material each week… And the lessons are a bloody good laugh too – what’s not to love?! I’d recommend this as a gift for someone or, as I did, as something to step out of your comfort zone for. Whether you want to start as a stand-up or are doing this to improve confidence for public speaking, you’ll get bags of experience from this. Do it!!  Emma Mills-Sheffield November 2017

This course was everything I needed to get the knowledge and confidence to do stand up comedy. Louise is a great teacher she gets you performing straight away. Highly recommend to anyone that fancies themselves at stand up comedy. The graduation gig at the end is fantastic. Pretty much guaranteed to get everyone laughing.                          Harvey Dann, November 2016

I really liked the professional and enthusiastic teaching, and the individual feedback. It was fun to meet other budding funnies and to do a real gig together at the end. I’ve gone on to do lots more gigs and am starting the advanced course today. Louise has definitely given me the comedy bug and the confidence and skills to go out and spread it!             Sarah Charsley, August 2016

This course is brilliant. I didn’t know I had it in me. The best thing is learning not to worry so much, you can’t make all the people laugh all the time, but you can have fun trying. I’m signing up for the Advanced course this August. Come join me, the more, the merrier. Oh and Louise Stevenson is a bloody brilliant teacher. Joan Thompson July 2016

Did this late last year, and it was brilliant. Lots of fun and a little bit scary. Louise gets you past your fears of making a fool of yourself in public and ready to enjoy making a fool of yourself in public. If you’re thinking of doing it, stop thinking and do it. If you’re not thinking of doing it then start thinking of doing it, then stop thinking and do it. Or something. Kevin Tansley, May 2016

What a journey from doing 1 minute on the first night of the course to eventually 9 and a half for the graduation gig. Loved every minute of the course and meeting other talented individuals. So cool seeing everyone improve weekly. Would recommend this to anyone that has an interest in comedy and wants to maybe have a dabble at performing it. Don’t put it off for another minute. Book a course now!    David Terrence, November 2016

If you have ever considered getting up on stage and trying stand up comedy, this is the course for you! This course will give you confidence to turn ideas you think are funny in to material that will make an audience laugh! I thoroughly recommend booking up!          Scott Gnilsog, March 2014

Ridiculous, pathetic, squidgy is how I would have felt if I’d known how good this course was and not done it. Great fun – great people – great Louise. Book now before its booked up or she’ll hike the prices up!! Rick Crockett, April 2013

A great course! It was well paced, well structured and excellent for building up the confidence for to perform. I highly recommend it.                                                                      Dylan Brown, April 2012

I took an 8 week comedy course in order to practice presentation skills for work. I never ever wanted to be a stand-up comedian. But having just completed the graduation on Friday night in front of about 120 people I think it was one of the best experiences of my life. It has helped on so many levels including giving me confidence to speak in public. I can’t thank Louise Stevenson enough for getting me through and to all my class mates.. It is a very fond memory! Only problem is now I think I’m funny!!! Claire Taylor, May 2014

I had the time of my life on the night! Coming from a slightly under-dog status, to almost running away just before my name was announced to get up and perform to actually hearing the sound of laughter [at my words] not only from my team members and my friends but also from the rest of the audience was enlightening, enriching and exhilarating.. 3 days later and after all the celebrations my feet still haven’t touched the ground! Gabreilla Parillo, April 2013

This course has been so much fun, it’s a really supportive environment to get confident and ready to perform…I really wish I hadn’t put it off for so long! If you’re thinking about it, just do it! Cath Bailey, April 2013

It’s an amazing feeling completing your first live comedy gig and its all down to attending this workshop. You gain confidence, stage craft, knowhow and the courage to give it a go by working with Louise and the other budding comedians Glenn Bracey, January 2012

I was really pleased with the course. Felt great to work towards something and accomplish it. Was really happy to have a female teacher that was still genuinely funny as well! Had a ball! I think we were really lucky to have a really supportive class. So even though we were all so different, I felt like there was a lot of support! I didn’t know anything about the industry but felt very prepared by the time we had to perform. I found my performance improving because of the material feedback and advice. Krystle Burke, December 2012

I think the task of writing and performing material in front of the class each week is a very effective form of learning. It quickly builds confidence, and enables regular analysis of material and feedback. I found the material analysis very constructive as mine needed a lot of revision. The feedback helped me to improve the structure. I think the course covers all the crucial areas that you need to know. The theme of each lecture gives the student enough information to carry out their own research. My writing became much more concise and sharp. Consequently, it was better for a stand up routine where the need to give detail in as few words as possible is essential to holding your audience’s attention and delivering your material within time limits. As the course went on, I think everyone became more and more committed to what they were doing. After performing at the showcase gig, I realised that comedy was something I wanted to do a lot more of. William Hedgecock, December 2012

Thanks for an amazing experience and the excellent tuition, I had a blast and can’t wait to see the DVD.  Had a great time and have been booked for another gig. Found the course provided me with the 2 essential ingredients ‘enough’ confidence through rehearsing and good material through writing. It’s been an amazing experience overall.  The handouts contained a lot of useful information and Louise was very attentive and hands-on.  It was really useful to have a filmed dress rehearsal as it was much easier to see what did and didn’t work as an observer, and it was very reassuring that even when I don’t feel confident and I don’t feel like it’s gone particularly well, it still looks good from the outside. Oh and the class trip was brilliant, if a little scary! Becky Heaver, December 2011

I have just completed Brighton comedy course and did my first gig which went great. I have been booked for a future gig too. It was challenging but very worthwhile fun course and there was a definite sense of achievement.  It’s also been lovely meeting others and hopefully we will continue the mini support group. I liked the fact that it did cover all the basics and the full range of things to prepare us for our first gig that I wouldn’t have considered otherwise. Of particular benefit was the one to one as it really helped with making the material punchier and beginning to understand the writing style, types of delivery etc. Having the gig as a goal at the end of the course really helped with motivation and focus. Sonia Brown, December 2011

I have just completed Brighton comedy course and enjoyed it very, very much.  Good group size and lovely people and atmosphere. I definitely felt confident to perform my first gig. The course was run in a “safe” environment with constructive feedback.I liked the pointers along the way of how to sharpen delivery, and the encouragement at each step. The material feedback was helpful, when the other people on the course gave you their point of view it helped to get another perspective from the audience side” Adam Balmer, December 2011

 After the 8 week course I was well prepared, rehearsed and ready to face an audience. I liked the help with editing and shaping my material and the chance to perform every week. I found the material feedback and performing in the class weekly was crucial. The one on one time was one of the main benefits of the course and I think my stage presence has benefited enormously which is helpful in my presentations and work commitments. John Keenan, December 2011

 I thought the course was really good value for money. Aiming for the gig really gave it the edge. Sarah Wilkins, April 2012

I enjoyed the course very much.  It was refreshing to be totally focused on learning a new skill and I learnt something new every single week. I liked the fact we were thrown into the deep end and challenged to start writing and performing from day one!  This was brilliant as it got us into the habit straight away and starting eroding the nerves immediately. I had a cracking time and have met some really great people whom I will stay in touch with and I absolutely loved my first gig. Lucy Freeborn, April 2012

 I recommend this as a great course. Thanks to all our talented group who are warm and inspiring. There is just the right mix of encouragement, professional know-how and tips. Good to have the chance to write and try stuff out, get constructive feedback from the class who are all in the same boat and improve. My first opportunity to openly lie through my teeth in public and most of all I haven’t laughed as much in ages and I’ve learnt loads. Julie Carrette, December 2012