2 Taster workshop sessions


Saturday 27th April 2019 at The Southern Belle, Waterloo Street, Hove.

Stand-up comedy workshop (11am-1) Presenting with humour workshop (2-4pm)


The Present with humour taster session will help you inject your own sense of humour into your copy, pitches and presentations. Public speaking has evolved and now you no longer have to leave your personality at the door. There will be key advice on how to improve your delivery, timing and presentation style from Louise Stevenson, Communications Coach and founder of Brighton Comedy Course and Speakeasy Coaching.

On the Stand-up Comedy taster you’ll have a go at creating and writing comedy material. It’s more fun than scary, honest. These workshops are ideal for enhancing your confidence and public speaking skills but most of all they’re good for tapping into your own comedy genius and having a few laughs.