Presenting with humour Workshop


This taster session aims to inject your own sense of humour into your copy, pitches and presentations and resent it with confidence and style.



The main denominator of the top successful TED talks from last year was that they all contained humour. Humour keeps your audience engaged, breaks up technical language, and lightens even the heaviest of information overload. There will be key advice on how to improve your delivery, timing and presentation style.

Whether you’re pitching for business, delivering a keynote speech or presentation, you will learn the methods and techniques to enhance your confidence, get your message heard and make a difference in the way you present and pitch forever. This session is invaluable whatever stage of public speaking you are at.

If you want to make a day of it The Stand Up Comedy Workshop starts at 10am.

  • Book your place on: The Presenting with humour Workshop
  • Date: Saturday 19th January 2019
  • Time: 2-5pm
  • Location: The Windmill, Upper North Street, Brighton.

       2019 Dates

  • Saturday 13th April 2019

Did the introductory courses for comedy and creative writing (two separate intros) because I’m not quite close enough to Brighton to attend the longer courses. Both intros were excellent. They were really good fun, we learnt a lot in a very short time and Louise is an excellent host and facilitator.  Joe Larkin