Brighton Comedy Course Membership Policy

Brighton Comedy Course – Membership Policy  –  2020/2021


The purpose of this membership policy is to strengthen, maintain and enhance the fun, exciting, vibrant, and positive atmosphere of Brighton Comedy Course by outlining our core values and standards.


Information such as name, email address, postal address and phone number, given to Brighton Comedy Course when joining, will be added to our membership and mailing list. This enables us to send you information on Brighton Comedy Course opportunities, news, and events.

 Accessibility and inclusivity

Brighton Comedy Course value diversity and celebrate individuality.  We will not unlawfully discriminate or exclude on the basis of individual characteristics, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or disability. Please make sure that your material and performances embrace these values.

We do our best to ensure that all courses and workshops and gigs are held in venues that are accessible to people with disabilities.  If you have any requirements please drop us a line and we’ll work with you to find a solution so that you can relax and enjoy!

Course communication

When joining Brighton Comedy Course, you are agreeing to enter into a contract with us which includes receiving regular communication regarding the course and its activities.

In addition to this we will also use email and our social media platforms. You’re free to opt out at any time. Please note, if you choose to opt out, we can’t be held responsible for any loss incurred by not receiving Brighton Comedy Course communications.


Brighton Comedy Course is an un-auditioned fully inclusive course, everyone is welcome above the age of 18.

Your membership includes:

  • Assigned classes
  • Access to class what’s app group
  • Opportunity to perform on the graduation gig
  • 20% off 1-2-1 Comedy Coaching

Attendance is an important part of your Membership. If you are not able to attend a class, please notify Brighton Comedy Course, and please still rehearse your material at home so that you’re up to speed on your return. If you miss more than 3 classes on the beginners course, then you may not be ready for the end of course gig.

Class is open 15 minutes before the start to give everyone a chance to get settled in and ready.

There may be opportunities to take part in events under the banner of Brighton Comedy Course outside of the weekly classes and termly gigs. We will let you know of these exciting opportunities through the usual communication channels as they arise.


As a member of Brighton Comedy Course, you are representing us at all of our classes and at the pub after classes and our events when we are in person. To help maintain the fun, welcoming and positive atmosphere of the course we expect that everyone; students, BCC team and all our associates and collaborators are treated with respect and kindness at all times.

There can be big personalities on the course. Our aim is to ensure that everyone in class inputs and has equal performance and communications time in class and on the what’s app group. Monopolising coaching, and performance time is not acceptable.

It is the priority of Brighton Comedy Course to be able to provide all members with a safe and secure experience while at classes and performances. It is also imperative that you take responsibility for your own welfare and behaviour and also be aware and respectful of others around you. Should you have any worries or concerns please discuss these with us.

By joining Brighton Comedy Course, you are agreeing to and understand this policy. Brighton Comedy Course will not tolerate:

  • Any form of bullying or harassment
  • Any negativity or insult spoken to or about other course members, BCC team, collaborators and associates
  • Any form of physical, mental or sexual abuse towards others

If you witness or experience any form of behaviour outlined above, please contact us. This will be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality and will be dealt with appropriately as is necessary to the individual case.

Anybody found to be participating in any of the above will immediately have their membership reviewed and where the issue cannot be resolved participants will be asked to leave, without refund.

Comedy and ideas

As part of your Brighton Comedy Course membership, you are given access to our info, handouts and resources.  When joining Brighton Comedy Course and by taking part in our performances and events you agree that our resources, techniques and ideas will not be used, copied or replicated at any other event, to any other group or in any other venue.

Photography and filming

Our classes and gigs are so much fun, and we want to share the love! Occasional classes and the graduation gig will be recorded, filmed and/or photographed. This is to help spread the word about the great benefits of joining a comedy course and so that you can enjoy the fruits of your excellent work!  By joining Brighton Comedy Course, you are giving consent for us to capture you in footage and use this within performance videos, publicity pictures and occasionally, editorials.

Brighton Comedy Course cannot accept responsibility for the security of personal possessions including phones, cameras, or other personal belongings.

Cancellation Policy

You have the right to cancel this agreement. If you decide to leave before the end of the course, refunds/partial refunds cannot be given.

In exceptional circumstances, we may offer a transfer to an alternative course, however this is not guaranteed and is subject to availability. If a transfer is possible, a £20 administration fee will be charged.