Welcome to Brighton Comedy Course. There are a number of stand up comedy courses available to fit a range of time schedules and budgets. These comedy courses aren’t just for aspiring comedians; they are for anyone who wants to;

  • Improve their confidence
  • Enhance their public speaking ability
  • Increase their presentation skills

All courses are taught in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere. You could go on to be the next stand up sensation like several previous graduates or you could just have fun, make new friends and enjoy the challenge.

We pride ourselves on our reputation and the quality of Brighton Comedy Course tuition is well documented by previous students both on our Facebook page and our testimonies page.

The tutor, Louise Stevenson is a comedian and established writer with 18 years industry experience. She encourages students to find and develop their own natural comedy style. All courses incorporate regular rehearsal time which helps to overcome fear and to deliver material, confidently. There are practical tips and exercises on writing comedy material, stage techniques and body language. At the end of the course there is the opportunity to perform stand up live in front of a friendly audience at the Graduation show. The performance is filmed and all graduates are able to see their footage on Brighton Comedy Course Youtube account.


Why is this course different?

This course is different from others because it starts with the individual rather than the field of knowledge.  In other words, the natural comedic talents of the individual are developed by learning through doing practical exercises and experience backed up with theory. This approach relies on motivated individuals, close group interaction (rather than impersonal classes) and the natural talents and deep industry experience of Brighton Comedy Course. BCC also believes in delivering a course that allows each student to have the necessary time to perform and to have constructive, personalised feedback on every session. For this reason there is a maximum of 10 attendees in a class.

For more details and booking information, contact us or go to the course page.

Kind Regards

Louise @ The Brighton Comedy Course