Welcome to Brighton Comedy course.


Have you always fancied trying stand up comedy? Now’s your chance.  These courses will teach you the methods and techniques to craft your set, get up on stage and make an impact.

Class doing Jazz handsThe courses are taught in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere. Each week we concentrate on a different aspect of comedy and then perform a small piece of material integrating the delivery and stage techniques that we’ve learnt. Everyone gets to perform and everyone receives feedback (and usually laughter,) in return.

There are plenty of writing exercises which often result with the class in stitches and frequently end up as material. There’s a real team dynamic in all classes with the shared goal of the graduation gig at the end. The graduation is open to all students and not just the selected few, which is unique to Brighton Comedy Course.

There’s weekly homework tasks, resulting in a tidy stock pile of material. Our Facebook page Brighton Comedy Course has interviews and reviews from previous students. Please have a look.  The most repeated feedback is “I wish I hadn’t put it off so long and just took the plunge.”

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You might not want to be a stand up comedian, you might just want a challenge (and it is that,) meet new people and have a laugh. At an absolute basic you’ll find that you actually start to enjoy presentations and public speaking!

Not everyone who comes on the course is an extrovert with bags of confidence. It varies, but the teaching and encouragement will gradually (sometimes suddenly) bring out your confidence .The coaching and the environment is designed to bring out your comedy genius and help you shine.

Brighton Comedy course was founded in 2011. Every year, the courses become more and more popular with help of the glowing reviews and word of mouth, often resulting in the courses being sold out. So if you are thinking of going for it, book well in advance. Go to the course page for more details and to book. There is also an online comedy course and one to one coaching available for people who can’t make the courses.

Brighton Comedy Course also run a monthly comedy night in Brighton called LOL at the Windmill pub, Upper North Street, Brighton. This gives graduates the opportunity to perform. Several graduates of the course also host comedy nights in Brighton for further gigging opportunities.

Taster 8The tutor, Louise Stevenson is a comedian, compere and established writer with almost 20 years industry experience. She encourages students to find and develop their own natural comedy style. “The best thing about being a Comedy coach is seeing people come out of their shell. Watching their confidence flourish and seeing once shy individuals strut their stuff before a live audience for the first time. It’s an amazing feeling, for them and for me.” For more insights from Louise go to Q &A page.

“This course was everything I needed to get the knowledge and confidence to do stand up comedy. Louise is a great teacher she gets you performing straight away. Highly recommend to anyone that fancies themselves at stand up comedy. The graduation gig at the end is fantastic. Pretty much guaranteed to get everyone laughing.” Harvey Dann, November 2016

For more details and booking information, contact us or go to the course page. Or follow us on Twitter @BTNcomedycourse