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It comes as no surprise that the common denominator of the top 5 successful TED talks last year was humour. Brighton Comedy Course believes that there is a comedic facility within all of us. To present with humour is a key skill that everyone needs.  Set yourself apart from the others by injecting your sense of humour into your copy, pitches and presentations without losing any of the professionalism.

Humour keeps your audience engaged, breaks up technical language, and lightens even the most heavy information loads. Learn how to improve your delivery and presentations to win that pitch or to make an impact.

Clients include;


Comedy for team and individual employee development

BCC believes that all businesses can benefit from confident employees who can present with humour. Integrating humour and creativity into corporate presentations enhances the experience for both the presenter and the listener. Comedic mechanisms can be used as triggers in creative activities making it a worthwhile investment for any company. Team Building benefits from having comedy as neutral ground, providing space for team building to go beyond normal lines of hierarchy, and specialized knowledge.

On a team day the aim is to put together a short comedy set and to roll out a show at the end of the day/or two days. This can be performed with the attendees on the course or in front of a broader audience. These days are a lot of fun as well as invaluable for individual development.

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For individual coaching, BCC works solely with the individual and concentrates on their particular aims as far as content and technique are concerned. It could be for a specific speech or presentation or for the everyday benefit of the individual’s role. There is also an opportunity to perform at the end of the tuition time.

Team day’s and one to one coaching packages are tailored for each company’s needs. For more information contact us  or call 075 3344 0506 to discuss your requirements.

There are also taster days throughout the year. In February 2018 we were reviewed by Title Media. Here’s what they had to say.

Team days and individual coaching are ideal for;

    • Winning new business
    • Elevator pitch
    • After dinner speeches
    • Charity events to raise money
    • Improving sales pitches
    • Team bonding

Testimony from Jim Cunliffe New Business manager of

This is the BEST thing I have ever done… I learnt about comedy, how to write it, how to deliver it and how to prepare. I run a business, and often have to stand up in front of large groups, and present. In recent years, my confidence had waned, and I found myself often winging it, not really making the most of the opportunity. This course has taught me to prepare, taught me to gain audience attention, know when I have that attention, and roll with it. It has totally changed my presentation delivery, and preparation – Its BRILLIANT.

I would recommend this course to anyone who has to present to groups, in their typical day to day working life. A worthwhile investment for any company. If you need a real life testimonial, call me up. Thank you Louise, you are brilliant.