🎤 Empower Your Team with Confident Communication Skills 🌟

Every business thrives on confident employees who can present and make an impact.

Good communicators inspire, entertain, and engage their audience. Whether your team is pitching to executives, delivering keynotes, or presenting ideas, they can learn to captivate and retain attention.

We believe in bringing out the comedy genius and boosting confidence. Perfect for a Team away day, a Lunch and Learn or a team building exercise.

👩‍💼 About the Coach:

Louise is a Communications Coach, Comedian, and Author with over 20 years of industry experience. She excels in making audiences laugh. Louise uses comedy techniques to help create engaging content and deliver it with confidence and style.


The Stand up for Charity Challenge is a unique opportunity for employees to write and perform 5 minutes of original stand-up comedy or create a Ted style Talk and deliver it live on stage, in front of their colleagues, clients, friends and family – whilst raising funds for a local charity. The brave souls need no comedy or public speaking background as training is provided in a safe and enjoyable environment.

📚 Training Sessions Available:

Public Speaking

Stand-Up Comedy

Creative Writing


Content Writing

Sales and Customer Service

Sessions are tailored to your organisation’s objectives and are both fun and invaluable for individual development. Coaching is available for teams or one-on-one.

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