Wedding Speech Coaching

Do you want to deliver a killer speech that gets plenty of laughs and a tear or two?

Brighton Comedy Course can teach you how to write, edit and deliver a funny, entertaining speech that will go down in history. Tuition will incorporate timing, delivery and stage techniques to help make your speech unforgettable. This expert tuition is ideal for any public speaking occasions.

This coaching is delivered one on one. On the first session we’ll hear what you have and make suggestions on content, delivery and timing.

We’ll help you hone the speech to it’s very best and give pointers on delivery.

This is practical tuition designed to provide the tools and know-how for you to tap into your own comedy genius. Learn how to write and structure your own speech, pitch or presentation and deliver it with confidence.

You can book a coaching packages of 4 or 8 sessions.

Contact us to discuss.


What people say about Louise’s training:

“It went really well – largely because of your input.  I was widely congratulated on my timings (entirely down to you) and managed to make them all laugh and cry. So all in all, thank you very much.  I am sure I will be father of the bride again so I will definitely be back to you then and will have no hesitation in recommending you whenever I have the opportunity to do so. Thank you.”     David Hodge, Partner Dean Wilson LLP

“It was a riot. My speech went down a treat. Thank you Louise.” Andrew MacFadyen

I used Louise’s Best man Coaching service and it was fantastic. She really helped me with the content and delivery of the speech, as well as massively improving my confidence. Highly recommended. It enabled me to get through the day with confidence and deliver a well-received speech! The process itself was also fun and she was great a great coach. Mark Ritchie

“I was lucky enough to attend Louise’s Public Speaking workshop with Brighton Chamber of Commerce. It was a practical workshop, that I learnt great techniques for future speaking opportunities. I now feel more confident about speaking in public. I then signed up for the beginner’s comedy course and am hugely enjoying it. My confidence is growing every week and the other course attendees are great. Excellent experience!” Andrew Thomas