The beginners comedy course was one of the most challenging, but rewarding experiences of my life. It was a great opportunity to write and then perform your material in a non-judgemental and supportive environment, but also have it critiqued. Louise is a great teacher and thanks to her years of experience on the comedy circuit, she will provide you with endless invaluable advice for kick-starting your comedy career.

Marc Pinto

I so TOTALLY loved this! As a writer who is told that I’m funny, it was a giant leap for me to prepare for and perform for the first time ever in front of a real live audience. The eight weeks of the course were WONDERFUL and I learned so much. I highly recommend. I’m going to miss my weekly sessions, and so I have signed up for the advanced course. Can’t wait! Thank you, Louise! You ROCK! xXx

Carli SuSu

I have just completed The Beginners Comedy Course with Louise and had an absolutely amazing time! A lovely, warm and friendly group of people and a fabulous teacher who will help with editing techniques, confidence and how to nail your performance so you can get the best out of your material. The Graduation gig last night was an absolute blast and I have just signed up to the Advanced Comedy Course and cannot wait! 

Rose Lucas

It was great to get back into the swing of things. Stand-ups one of the hardest things to keep going with on your own. It was great to meet all the other members and to hear and encourage each other again. It’s been well worth the investment and I’m now writing my fist show for the Fringe Festival. Discounts for the masterclasses were super too.

Jamie Connolly

The membership’s main benefit has been the accountability. I was given clear and manageable tasks to complete every month. I think that writing has become easier due to the first bit of coaching advice I was given, to find a regular writing routine. Having an expert feedback on my material has been excellent, and my mindset has changed around my comedy aspirations too. I feel more confident and my materials better. Delighted I took the plunge!

Gabriella Parillo

I felt as if I wasn’t going anywhere with comedy and was sick of reeling out the same stuff. I couldn’t find the time or motivation to write a new set. I knew I’d benefit from writing a whole new ten minutes but never sat down to write it. I probably lacked a bit of confidence too, was worried that it wouldn’t be any good. I tried out material in a few open mike nights which was more comedians than audience and didn’t find that helped much. I think having a mentor who listens and critiques my set and helps me tweak it to its best is invaluable. Thanks Louise, it’s been great.

Jason Levitt

I was near chucking stand-up. I joined the membership in a last-ditch attempt, not necessarily be a TV comedian but so that I could start enjoying comedy again. I felt a bit stale with what I was doing. Louise encouraged me to start experimenting with different genres of comedy and I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed writing and delivering one liners. I didn’t go on Louise’s beginner’s comedy course, though I wish I had. The comedy course I went on had very set ideas on comedy, a one fits all approach, and I didn’t feel that I could develop my individual persona on stage. I have re-found my love of comedy and I’m really enjoying performing again. Comedy Store ahoy!

John Allen

I loved the beginners and advanced courses with Brighton Comedy Course though when I finished them, I found it hard to keep writing material and booking gigs. The longer I left it, the more I was bricking it about performing, even though I knew I loved the buzz! I left it for more than a year, and just kept putting it off. I was so glad when the membership became available. It was great to have regular check ins and to catch up with other comedians at the socials and the monthly workshops. Started putting time and getting excited about it again and wrote and delivered my first new ten minutes in London which went down well.


Trevor O’vert

I loved this course. Coming along to each class would be the highlight of my week. Louise is a really supportive teacher and gives you valuable insight from her time on the circuit. You meet a wonderful group of people from a range of backgrounds who are all drawn together by their love of comedy. The course is excellently divided into half theoretical and half practical. The graduation gig at the end was an absolute blast. I really enjoyed it. I recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Richard Parr

Louise ran a fantastic session for a group of colleagues. The employee feedback was incredible, with every single person asking for further sessions with Louise. Louise curated a thoughtful, engaging and entertaining session that built confidence in Public Speaking through really enjoyable activities. We will use Louise again!

John Tovey, Director of Operations, American Express