Presentation Skills Training

Brighton Comedy course brings you this one day event on all elements of Public Speaking.

This one day course is for companies who would like an in-house course.

If you or your team present and pitch for business, this event will help you produce engaging, concise and interesting content and deliver it with confidence on this one day event.

Whether you’re pitching for business, delivering a keynote speech or presentation, you will learn the methods and techniques to enhance your confidence, get your message heard and make a difference in the way you present and pitch forever. This workshop is invaluable whatever stage of public speaking you are at.

The class will cover;

  • How to be more confident in presenting
  • How to be clear in your objectives to achieve and exceed your expectations
  • How to craft interesting content that packs a punch
  • Expert tips on how to overcome fear of public speaking and become more comfortable when presenting to a group of people
  • How to inspire your audience to fulfil your aims
  • How to stand out from the crowd by injecting humour that engages your audience in a professional way
  • Techniques to improve your public speaking skills, including structuring, writing engaging and interesting content and effective body language
  • How to prepare and deliver presentations successfully
  • How to engage, influence and persuade an audience
  • Learn effective memory techniques that will make sure you don’t go blank

Need to know

The session will start at 10am; we will stop for lunch between 12pm and 1pm and finish at 3pm. The numbers in this session are strictly limited for individual feedback and advice, therefore booking is essential.

Contact us to discuss or book your place for you or your team.


What people say about Louise’s training:

“This is the BEST thing I have ever done. I run a business, and often have to stand up in front of large groups, and present. This course has taught me to prepare, taught me to gain audience attention, know when I have that attention, and roll with it. It has totally changed my presentation delivery, and preparation – It’s BRILLIANT. A worthwhile investment for any company!” Jim Cunliffe,