Advanced Comedy Course

This course is rolled out twice a year and runs on consecutive weekdays for five weeks. The Advanced Stand up course is for people who have already completed the beginner’s course with BCC or who have experience of working on the comedy circuit and are serious about comedy.

There is regular support and guidance throughout the course, including practical exercises and tips on how to edit existing material and brainstorm new material. There is also the option of writing a whole new set from scratch. Students will work individually and as a team to build a polished comedy set.

There will be gig analysis for those working on the circuit, what worked, what didn’t and why. How can we improve our sets? We will look at more complicated joke techniques and aim to incorporate them into our material. There is also a master class on compering, and running your own gig.

There will be advice on how to market yourself and a list of contacts to secure future gigs on the comedy circuit in Brighton, London and further afield. At the end of the course there will be the opportunity to relive the graduation gig with the showcase performance. As in the beginner’s week course, writing material for homework is a must.

  • Book your place on: The Advanced Comedy Course
  • Date: October 3rd 2019
  • Time: 7-9pm (x5 Thursdays)
  • Cost: £210/£190
  • Location: The Southern Belle, Waterloo Street, Brighton

                              Standard   £210                  Early Bird £190 (60 days before start) 

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“I did the advanced comedy course and had a blast, Louise is a fantastic teacher and coach. I wish I had done the beginners class too with Louise. I came back to comedy after my anxiety held me back, during this course I got my confidence back and will continue to give it a go. Don’t just think about it just do it it could be the best thing you ever do.”   Nat Robinson,  July 2018