Top 5 Comedians to see at Brighton Comedy Festival 2013

Brighton Comedy Festival 2013

5. Luisa Omielan- Saw this girl last year at Caroline of Brunswick. She was hilarious, definitely on her way up.

4. Doc Brown-This guy is completely original, he mixes hip hop gangster style with a serious comedy twist. Very talented man.

3. Ed Byrne-this guy needs no introduction, he’s a very funny man and he’s not slow in having a bit of banter with the audience. Never saw a bad gig from him.

2. Lucy Porter- This lady has been going for some time now and has many successful shows every year at Edinburgh Fringe, I can’t imagine why she’s not more in our faces, she’s seriously funny!

1. Jason Byrne-This guy’s funny before he even says anything. Great facial expressions! His material is sharp and witty, (and he’s a bloody nice guy to boot.) Definitely worth a see.

Happy laughing.

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