The Graduation gig goes down a storm

New comedy course-missing 2, joining next week

Some of the graduates from last nights gig

Last night was a fantastic graduation show. There were a few butterflies among the students but generally they were confident and on good form.

Zack Ward was the first act to take the stage. Zack is the youngest student who’s ever been on the course at 19, he was engaging and warm. His delivery was natural and he really hit home with the audience.

Peter Wood (aka Woody) went on next and delivered a mixture of one liners and retro jokes that had the audience chuckling away and the gig would not have been complete without the story of the X wife.

Nick Lazar delivered his set with confidence as he observed the differences between men and women, always a subject for laughs. And who would have thought that the Incredible Hulk and masturbating could be put in the same joke? Amazing!

After the break Jo Wonder ascended on the stage in a white veil suited to the dead character she plays. With her dead pan delivery and strong Brummie accent she he soon had the audience laughing along and participating in her act.

Our final act, Indalo, took to the stage and entertained the audience with his quirky perspectives on the world and its inhabitants, calling the devil Captain Beige at one point, (it has to be seen!)

I think what I love most about these nights is seeing students who I’ve been working for 8 weeks complete their mission and get on that stage. All of them were beaming when they come off. The diversity of the acts just makes it so much more enjoyable too. It’s the ‘Stick in On’ of Comedy. You never know what’s coming up next. Well done to all, you did me proud. You can see the performances soon on You tube Brighton Comedy Course.

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