Ten great reasons to do a Comedy Course

You’ll gain new confidence.

You’ll meet new friends who are funny.

You’ll be prepared for your biggest challenge- to take to the stage and perform.

Your family and mates will be well impressed.

You’ll have a clearer idea how to write, edit and deliver for an audience.

The ins and outs of the comedy world will no longer be a mystery.

Pitching for business or speaking appointments will never faze you again.

You’ll feel massively proud of yourself for taking the challenge.

You will laugh a lot.

You’ll be a funnier human being.


Don’t just take my word for it-check out the testimonies page on the website.


An interview with Louise from Brighton Comedy Course.

Time to Take a Stand – UP!

September 6, 2016

Written by Sarah Charsley.

Whoever said laughter is the best medicine wasn’t far wrong – although they obviously hadn’t tried Valium.

The physical, psychological and social effects of humour and laughter are as bountiful as Donald Trump’s frontal hair shelf. Studies show that humour and laughter strengthen your immune system, boost your energy, diminish pain, and protect you from the damaging effects of stress. In fact a good old belly laugh can leave your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes.

Making people laugh is therefore giving them a unique gift. And the amazing thing about laughter is that it’s free – unless of course you’re lucky enough to be at one of Brighton & Hove’s many brilliant comedy nights, in which case it can cost you anything from £3 – £30, depending on the experience of the comedians.

If you’ve longed to have your entourage in stitches, but can only ever seem to muster a joke from last year’s Christmas cracker, then help is at the end of your funny bone.

Brighton Comedy Course next course starts on Tuesday, January 31st 2017. The course is run by Louise Stevenson is a Scottish stand-up who started her comedy career in 1999 on the New Zealand circuit. Brighton Comedy Course is for anyone who wants to:

  • Improve Confidence
  • Enhance public speaking ability
  • Increase presentation skills
  • Write and edit comedy

And who knows, you could go on to be the next stand-up sensation like several previous graduates, including the hilarious Phil Jerrod. The world is your Apollo!

I met up with Louise after Brighton Comedy Course’s most recent graduate gig at The Verdict in Kemp Town to ask her a few questions about life in the laughter lane:

1. What made you get into comedy?

Honestly, I love making people laugh and thought I could. I had just moved to Wellington, NZ and I shared my aspirations with the first woman comic I saw performing and she just happened to have space on her comedy course which started the next day, fate maybe.

2. What are the highs and lows of being a stand-up comedian?

Highs are coming off a stage to a big audience who’ve really enjoyed you. Lows are the travelling from town to town staying in places on your own (there’s a lot of cinema!), And the combination of a high and low is where a woman comes up and says “ My boyfriend totally laughed his arse off and he never thinks women are funny!”

3. Who is your favourite comedian and why?

Kevin Bridges, because he’s hilarious and talks about a lot of things that I can relate to coming from Glasgow.

5. How has being a comedian changed you?
Now there’s a question, well it’s given me much more confidence over the years, it also gives you the balls to share something you thinks funny without worrying what the response will be. Who cares-you won’t know its funny till you put it out there.

6. What are 3 main things you hope people will get from your course?

Confidence, the ability to perform a tight set, and a love of comedy.

7. TEll us a joke!

Southern Rail-need I expand?

Give yourself and others the gift of laughter today by booking a place on the Brighton Comedy Course. Gift Vouchers available.



Advanced Comedy Course starting in March 2015

Exciting news, Brighton Comedy Course is now booking now for the Advanced comedy course. This for students who have graduated from BCC 8 week course or for comedians who have experience working the circuit. The course will run for 5 weeks, giving students plenty of time to write and rehearse lots of new material. There will be less theory and more writing and rehearsal time. For more info have a look on the course page.

Start Date: Tuesday the 3rd of March

To book now go on-line or drop me a line with any questions. Gift vouchers are available too.

5 Comedy Picks for Brighton Fringe 2014

All details are in the Fringe brochure- shows start this weekend-there’s some quality comedy, lots free too.

1. Luisa Omielan-Show’s called All right ladies- very funny girl, saw her last year, worth a watch. Free and non ticketed.

2. The Brighton Comedy course Debut gig (Pick of the Fringe.) 10 new comedians ready to take the stage at Funky Fish. Friday 2nd May. 7.30pm, £7 on door.

3. Andrew Ryan- An Irish funny guy-what’s not to like? free and ticketed.

4. Humans. funny man Chris Stewart and the hilarious Phil Jerrod, who as well as coming from Brighton Comedy Course was also signed up this year by the agents Off the Kerb.

5. Muffraggette- Irish and one of the funniest stand ups females I’ve seen. £5 on the night.


The half way mark already?

We are almost half way through this 8 week course. It goes so quickly! Everyone in the class is making great progress. Some have said that they can feel their confidence growing all the time which is fantastic to hear. Last night we looked at body language and integrating improv into our comedy sets. It was a fun night with some well deserved drinks at the end. It’s all about the balance! There’s more hard work ahead as we head for the graduation night on Friday the 2nd of May.

Brighton Comedy Course’s new course students arrive

Comedy course 10

A new bunch of students started the 8 week comedy course last night. It was a full house for the first course in 2014. Every one of them stood up and performed for the first time after a short material writing exercise, and I have to say the standard of delivery was pretty impressive. There was one, (there always is) who thought that comedy was all about the birds and the booze. I had to break it to him that there’s a lot of hard work, writing and editing ahead and then maybe the booze and birds! There were some great lines and I’m thoroughly looking forward to seeing what develops. I’ll keep you posted on the blog. Well done all-great first night.

Brighton Comedy Course Graduate hits the big time


Phil Jerrod graduated from Brighton Comedy Course in 2012. I must say he did shine and I knew that with hard work and determination that Phil would make it to the big time. Well, talk about fast track, they say rule of thumb is around 8 years for a comedian to work the circuit and make their mark. In less than two, Phil has been signed up by one of the biggest agencies in Britain, Off the kerb, agents of Dara OBriain and Jo Brand among many. I am so pleased for him and know it won’t be long before we see him on our screens. Look out for him on Mock of the week, bearded fellow. Well done Phil.


The Graduation gig goes down a storm

New comedy course-missing 2, joining next week

Some of the graduates from last nights gig

Last night was a fantastic graduation show. There were a few butterflies among the students but generally they were confident and on good form.

Zack Ward was the first act to take the stage. Zack is the youngest student who’s ever been on the course at 19, he was engaging and warm. His delivery was natural and he really hit home with the audience.

Peter Wood (aka Woody) went on next and delivered a mixture of one liners and retro jokes that had the audience chuckling away and the gig would not have been complete without the story of the X wife.

Nick Lazar delivered his set with confidence as he observed the differences between men and women, always a subject for laughs. And who would have thought that the Incredible Hulk and masturbating could be put in the same joke? Amazing!

After the break Jo Wonder ascended on the stage in a white veil suited to the dead character she plays. With her dead pan delivery and strong Brummie accent she he soon had the audience laughing along and participating in her act.

Our final act, Indalo, took to the stage and entertained the audience with his quirky perspectives on the world and its inhabitants, calling the devil Captain Beige at one point, (it has to be seen!)

I think what I love most about these nights is seeing students who I’ve been working for 8 weeks complete their mission and get on that stage. All of them were beaming when they come off. The diversity of the acts just makes it so much more enjoyable too. It’s the ‘Stick in On’ of Comedy. You never know what’s coming up next. Well done to all, you did me proud. You can see the performances soon on You tube Brighton Comedy Course.

Week 6 on Brighton Comedy Course

On this week’s comedy course, week 6, the students had their one to one with me. I received their material in advance which gives me the opportunity to look at it in closer detail and to add suggestions and editorial input. I sometimes worry that I might be a bit too Simon Cowell but all students without exception understood and agreed with my comments (the baseball bat on the table helped, I think!)

We have just over two weeks before the class perform at their graduation gig in front of a live audience, that gives the students time to make the changes and tweak their material to its very best.

After the one on one’s and performance section we went on our away day to see local comedy in Brighton. A night at Verdict was a great idea. I recommend it as a venue. The standard of comedian was great and the students watched the very techniques we had just been discussing in action. A practical and very fun night out.

If you would like to come and watch the graduates take the stage for the first time. The gig is on the 12th December at 8pm at Funky Fish, Marine Parade, Brighton.

Brighton Comedy Course Social Diary -Week 2

This week’s class was a real treat. Most of the class had spent the week working hard on their material. There was a great array of potentially fabulous material.

We looked at different styles of comedy and got an understanding of the pros and cons of using each. We also looked at using improv in comedy.

We have Dan Flanagan, Zak Ward and Indalo Pahana talking about their experiences on the course so far.

Watch Dan’s video diary  http://youtu.be/eeAlvjPQ9T0

Watch Zak’s video diary   http://youtu.be/ssbtwzjzlOI

Watch Indalo’s video diary  http://youtu.be/dXu_r2EYWBk