Christmas Cracker Comedy nights Free bottle of champagne to be won


 This year Brighton Comedy Course is working in conjunction with Madeira Hotel to bring a Christmas night you won’t forget with top comedians providing the entertainment while you enjoy your Christmas dinner. We have the fantastic Pierre Hollins and the very funny Dave Thompson among the acts. There is a DJ after playing disco, funk and soul.

For Christmas bookings contact Madeira Hotel on 01273 698 331.

Madeira Hotel has kindly agreed to give away a bottle of bubbly to one lucky winner. All you have to do is Retweet any of our Tweets mentioning our Christmas Cracker Comedy Nights, or Like us on to be entered. The winner will be announced on Twitter, Facebook and on the 1st of December. Good luck!

New Comedy Course gets underway

Last night Brighton Comedy Course welcomed its new recruits for the last course of the year. The course was full to capacity with a few last minute applicants. The objectives of the class were varied, one wanted to be a better teacher (to scary secondary kids), several of the class wanted to beat their fear of public speaking and there were those who want to go on to be stand up comedians. The team gelled well and a few laughs were had.

We looked at the role of a comedian, the ups and the downs. One student, who shall not be named, confided that his idea of the upside of the job would be the groupies. Clearly a man! We spent the rest of the class concentrating on material. The class quickly gathered that there is comedy in everything, so many subjects to choose from. I was so impressed that every single one of them, after just ten minutes of writing material, got up and performed in front of the class. I’m really looking forward to next week to see what comedy gems they come up with.

Roll on Graduation day where they’ll take the mike in front of a live audience. I can tell already that they have what it takes to do it, helped by the encouragement of the class mates and the hard work that they’re about to put in.

Well done all. The journey has just begun.

New comedy course-missing 2, joining next week

New comedy course-missing 2, joining next week

Top 5 Comedians to see at Brighton Comedy Festival 2013

Brighton Comedy Festival 2013

5. Luisa Omielan- Saw this girl last year at Caroline of Brunswick. She was hilarious, definitely on her way up.

4. Doc Brown-This guy is completely original, he mixes hip hop gangster style with a serious comedy twist. Very talented man.

3. Ed Byrne-this guy needs no introduction, he’s a very funny man and he’s not slow in having a bit of banter with the audience. Never saw a bad gig from him.

2. Lucy Porter- This lady has been going for some time now and has many successful shows every year at Edinburgh Fringe, I can’t imagine why she’s not more in our faces, she’s seriously funny!

1. Jason Byrne-This guy’s funny before he even says anything. Great facial expressions! His material is sharp and witty, (and he’s a bloody nice guy to boot.) Definitely worth a see.

Happy laughing.

One week to go to the next Comedy Course

This season’s comedy course students look like an interesting bunch. Among them we have a PR guru, a Social Media whizz and the youngest student we’ve had on the course at 19, ahhhh.

I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a mixed class, girls and boys which always lends a nice dynamic. I love the support between students and how they go on being mates long after the course is finished.

I will need to organise a date for their Graduation night where they perform in front of a live audience for the first time. Might not try to get a date out of them on the first week or I’ll have them running for the hills, it will be in the first or second week in December. They have 8 weeks to work hard and put together material that will give them a performance that they can be proud of. It always amazes me just how well the first gig’s go; a lovely supportive audience always helps but it mostly down to their hard work, determination and the most important thing- their comedy talent. If you want to book a comedy course-book here.

Fringe 2013 Success with Brighton Comedy Course

Fringe 2013 success, looking forward to Fringe 2014

This year Brighton Comedy Course had three shows in the Fringe Festival. Graduates from across all courses stepped up to the mike and took the stage. There was a great atmosphere in all the shows and we had decent sized audiences thanks to a regular marketing and the support of family and friends. I compered all shows which was fun. It was great to see graduates who are working on the circuit getting better at their craft and even better to see that several of them had got together to organise their own Fringe shows.

We weren’t lucky enough to lure any reviewers to the shows though I’m confident that Brighton Comedy Course and its graduates would have been well received. Well done to all the graduates who were involved.

One of our graduates Phil Jerrod who performed in Brighton Comedy Course shows and his own show received great reviews, including one from Brighton Argus “Certainly one to keep an eye on. His tortured ramblings about being white and middle-class run on like the nightmare I imagine it isn’t and made me genuinely laugh out loud.”  Well done Phil.

Roll on Fringe 2014

group photo