The New Comedians Handbook


Covers everything a new working comedian needs to know about the comedy circuit and the comedy industry.

It’s the second book in the series. Find out how to get an agent and how to make the improvements you need to stand out on a crowded comedy industry.



Funny Bones Publishing released two new titles by the founder of Brighton Comedy Course, Louise Stevenson in 2020.


The Learn Stand-up Comedy Series provides aspiring comedians with the tools and knowledge to do the job. This step-by-step book will help lay strong foundations to be the best comedian you can be, encouraging best practice, good routines, and professional standards. Both books are available on Kindle and Paperback.

The series so far:

  • How to Be a Comedian and Smash Your First Gig
  • The New Comedians Handbook

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The New Comedians Handbook is the second book in the series, for the next stage of the journey. It will cover everything a working comedian needs to know about the comedy circuit and the comedy industry. It will provide the opportunity the know-how to stand out in a crowded comedy scene and thrive in the comedy industry.

Louise knows that not one size does not fit all and encourages people to find their own voice and natural style. The book is designed to enhance confidence, delivery and timing.

You might not want to be a stand-up comedian, you might just want to learn how to add more humour into your presentations and tighten your delivery and timing skills. At an absolute basic you’ll never fear Presentations and Public Speaking again, hell; you may even start to enjoy it!

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missed the first book in the Series?

How to Be a Comedian and Smash Your First Gig is packed with real content that’s been successfully tried and tested. Paired with Louise’s experience and knowledge as a stand-up comedian, this is a serious guide to stand-up comedy which will provide you with the confidence, expert advice, and practical exercises to craft your material and take the stage.

There are tips from well-known comedians and real-life stories from Brighton Comedy Course graduates, who share their own experiences of writing comedy material, the comedy circuit and the challenges and rewards of Stand-up comedy.

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How to Be a Comedian and Smash Your First Gig.

Encouraging and motivating instruction from a real-life comedian and coach. 

  • Structured content in easy-to-understand chunks.
  • Writing, editing and performance homework exercises and tasks throughout the book.
  • Knowledge on sourcing, writing, editing, and structuring material. Insights on confidence, comfort zones, mindset & beating nerves. Know-how on opening and closing lines, delivery, timing & stage performance techniques. Understanding of audiences, joke formulas, comedy genres, and hecklers.

This book will give you the tools you need to:

  • Write a killer set.
  • Take the stage.
  • Make an audience laugh.


reviews so far:

“This is a brilliant book about the not so gentle art of stand-up comedy. It’s chock full of practical exercises to get you writing gags with the aim of having your first five minutes of material under your belt by the end of the book.

Featured in the Scotsman

Louise doesn’t bullsh*t about how competitive and challenging the world of stand-up can be; she makes it very clear that to succeed at any level in stand-up you need discipline and resilience. But she also provides the tools for any aspiring comedian to hone your material until you have utter confidence in your delivery, find a comedy network and get gigs.” Gill Davies

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And if your keen to follow it up with a comedy course, there are plenty of options, The Beginners, The Advanced or The Comedy weekender. 

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